On Sunday, I made it to all but the last one of the presentations and talks I wanted to go. The session about porting applications to Qt6 was very interesting and I made a few notes that I may later turn into issues on KDE’s Gitlab infrastructure for the KMyMoney project. The talk on How we can solve the personal data problem was not so much related to KMyMoney and its use of the data but nevertheless interesting. Let’s see how this initiative evolves over time and which impact it can create. I added another talk on the fly that was again on Wayland and again presented by Dave Edmundson. Very interesting concepts which I am looking forward to see in distros hopefully soon.

On Monday, I had to go to work (which currently means going upstairs into my home office). In the afternoon I joined the General Assembly of the KDE e.V. where I had the role of the official note taker. They still have to be converted into a readable form for everyone and also for the German authorities. Due to work, I won’t have much time to visit BoFs throughout the week. Maybe one or two as time permits but I still don’t know.

Now working a bit on the KMyMoney release which is scheduled for …… oh, tomorrow.

Akademy 2021 – III