The KDE conference Akademy is in full swing and the KMyMoney development team today announces the immediate availability of version 5.1.2 of its open source Personal Finance Manager.

This is a maintenance release as part of the ongoing effort to support our users and fix bugs and annoyances. If you think you can support the project with some code changes or your artistic or writing talent, please take a look at the some low hanging fruits at the KMyMoney junior job list. Any contribution is welcome.

Despite the ongoing permanent testing we understand that some bugs may have slipped past our best efforts. If you find one of them, please forgive us, and be sure to report it, either to the mailing list or on

The details


  • 414675 Budget not using Fiscal Year
  • 436647 Overwriting a gpg-encrypted file results in a zero byte file


  • 430176 Crash when extending selection of filtered transactions beyond top of list
  • 434605 crash when importing csv with missing category
  • 438069 Crash when selecting views in newer Qt versions


  • 350904 Net worth currency not updated when changing the base currency
  • 388793 No price label on editing securities
  • 396016 KMYMoney GPG option is grayed out even though GPG installed
  • 396313 rounding errors in currency conversion of investment transactions
  • 399230 KMyMoney uses incorrect path to detect presence of GPG secret keyring on Windows
  • 403196 Displaying the ledger for a category shows the wrong account
  • 422561 A half-empty PRICEPAIR causes app to crash when attempting to update prices
  • 425333 no pre-defined account templates on a mac
  • 430813 Danish account templates won’t load
  • 431248 Payee Default Category not saved unless manually selected
  • 431294 Price editor: Enter on manual price has no effect
  • 431482 1 Online Quotes does not work and can not be corrected
  • 433694 reconciliation removes the history
  • 433855 Settings for “Hide reconciled transactions” are not synced
  • 434226 Default regex to extract currency rates does not support results in exponential form
  • 434573 built-in calculator widget can extend beyond main window
  • 435488 CSV importer does not support ISO date format
  • 435512 When matching an assigned and unassigned transaction, KMM may leave the resulting category empty
  • 435752 Selecting icon sets is not supported on Windows
  • 435837 messages from the aqbanking plugin are swallowed
  • 435856 ofx import ignores banking transactions in invenstment account since libofx upgrade to 0.10
  • 436766 Selection of security accounts does not work for some investment reports
  • 437332 We should default to yahoo for any new securities
  • 437452 QR-TAN support is not working properly
  • 437810 CSV importer should trim the column contents before importing
  • 438328 Payee name in schedule is not updated in all accounts
  • 438529 App won’t fully quit on macOS
  • 438973 Cannot right click and Go To a counterparty split if it is a category
  • 439006 New account wizard always defaults to account type “Checkings”


  • 437398 typo in Reconciliation Wizard text


  • 186616 Entering negative amounts in Split window
  • 397918 Sort the favorite reports on the home screen in alphabetical order
  • 405383 Add python3 support for weboob plugin
  • 433662 No visual representation of the reconciliation history


The Slovenian translation team provided an initial Slovenian translation which made it into this release.

A complete description of all changes can be found in the changelog.No block selected.

KMyMoney 5.1.2 released