On Day 3, we started out at 7:02 as usual with the team responsible for breakfast meeting in the kitchen.

KMyMoney wise, we worked some more on keyboard navigation and porting to KF5. The dialog to open a database and the logic around it have been rewritten/fixed, so that it is now possible to collect the information from the user and proceed with opening. The database I have on file for testing does not open though due to another problem which I still need to investigate.

Right after lunch, the CEO of the local Raiffeisenbank Mr. Fux (not to confuse with Mario) and two apprentices visited the Randa Meetings and Mario gave them the tour through the house introducing all the different projects. The KMyMoney team was last and we gave them a little presentation about what our application does and how it helps its users in getting an overview of their financial situation and planning their finances.

More work on porting and keyboard navigation was done before we spent the day hiking to the new suspension bridge close to Randa, which was just opened a few weeks ago.

A smaller group went on a walk around the village, where we shot pictures and talked about this and that. The day ended with more hacking and closing more KF5 issues.

Day 4 did start on 7:04 because the Müsli was already prepared on the day before. It was cold outside, and picking up the bread in the store nearby was an adventure for some people from the African continent. And as it was one of the participants birthday, we cooked a pile of pancakes especially for him.

Throughout the day, I ported all the plugin KCM modules to KF5. Along the way, I fixed the monetary edit widget and it’s calculator feature, ported the start of week handling to KF5 and made the backup feature work again.

The day ended with the GPG keysigning party at 20:17. Although only a few of us showed up and we noticed that we had already cross signed our keys, we had a fun time by trying to form ade’s five secret words into poems of some sort.

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Randa 2017 – Days 3 and 4