On the morning of Day 5 we chased and fixed a problem that was introduced a long time ago but never caused any trouble. The code goes back into the KDE3 version of KMyMoney and was caused by some changes inside Qt5. The fix prevents a crash when saving a transaction which opens an additional dialog to gather more information (e.g. price information). With the help of other devs here in Randa, we were able to drill down the problem and update the code to work on KF5/Qt5 keeping the existing functionality.

After the database open dialog had been fixed recently, I concentrated on the still failing part of loading the database. It was caused by new columns that were added but did not get created for old files. So I added them to the update mechanism already present in KMyMoney and introduced a new feature to set default values for those new columns.

Tomorrow, my stay in Randa will end. I enjoyed meeting people from around the world. Some of them I know for quite some time, others I met for the first time. In general, this was a very productive week and we are getting closer to that long awaited 5.0 release of KMyMoney.

Randa 2017 – Databases are back to KMyMoney