Please read the following guest post from Łukasz who joined me last week in Randa to work on KMyMoney.


Good things have happened in Randa and are going to happen to KMyMoney afterwards. During that time I’ve started to work on the appearance of the application in regard to colors. I think it’s a neat experience to have whatever color scheme set and don’t have to face interface ugliness.

Manuel Muzzurru got involved in accessibility stuff as well. He tried to improve the CSS file used for our reports. He seems to be skilled in the CSS language, so let’s see what cool things will come out of his additions.

Accessibility through keyboard has been revised, made actually possible, and improved. Worth mentioning is the new shortcut to switch between the different views of the application using a simple Ctrl+NUM_KEY (e.g. Ctrl+1, Ctrl+2, etc.).

Together with Thomas, we’ve spotted and fixed a few bugs here and there. Some bugs were time consuming and some were easy to fix, but nonetheless it was easier to go through that with combined knowledge and effort.

Working on accessibility in software is a good experience overall, because as soon as you pay attention to details, you discover blocking bugs in underlying frameworks, which you can’t fix right away. You’ve probably noticed that the pages pane on the left side of the application is a little bit too narrow for all pages to fit nicely in KF5. This was caused by a bug which needed to be fixed in underlying framework code.

Meeting in Randa with other participants makes you aware of deficiencies, possibilities, and needs. For a newcomer, like myself, it was also a chance to meet some community members, see what kind of people build KDE, and take a look behind the scenes.

If you like what was achieved in Randa then please support the event financially, so that such events can be made possible in the future.

KMyMoney’s Łukasz Wojniłowicz in Randa