LibAlkimia is a base library that contains support for financial applications based on the Qt C++ framework.

One of its main features is the encapsulation of The GNU Multiple Precision Arithmetic Library (GMP) and so providing a simple object to be used  representing monetary values in the form of rational numbers. All the mathematical details are hidden inside the AlkValue object.

The development team found out, that porting GMP to a standard MS-Windows build environment based on MSVC cannot easily be done and thus prevents the availability of LibAlkimia for this environment. On the other hand, there is a large demand for KMyMoney on MS-Windows. Fortunately, Multiple Precision Integers and Rationals (short: MPIR and actually a fork of GMP) comes to the rescue because it does support MSVC on Windows and CMake on Linux out of the box. And since MPIR is basically a snap-in replacement for GMP, we changed the LibAlkimia build system so that it now supports both backends alike with MPIR being the preferred choice. The selected MP (Multiple Precision) library will be propagated to the users of LibAlkimia (e.g. KMyMoney).

The source of LibAlkimia 7.0.1 is available immediately via the KDE download servers.

LibAlkimia 7.0.1 with support for MPIR released