The KMyMoney development team is proud to present the first maintenance version 5.0.1 of its open source Personal Finance Manager. Although several members of the development team had been using the new version 5.0.0 in production for some time, a number of bugs and regressions slipped through testing, mainly in areas and features not used by them.

These have been reported by many users and the development team worked hard to fix them in the meantime. Some of them are very annoying which lead us to work on a first maintenance release which is available immediately as KMyMoney 5.0.1.

Here are the bugs which have been fixed:

  • 390264 Clicking autocomplete entry crashes application
  • 350850 Kmymoney does not open multiple files correctly
  • 377760 Cannot turn off Outbox tab in 4.8.0.
  • 390042 Can’t change ledger sort options in configure dialog
  • 390176 File/backup give mount/unmount error, even if “mount” is not checked
  • 390232 Don’t add new payee from new operation panel
  • 390627 QIF Import filter fails
  • 390657 Huge gap in report display screen
  • 390658 Crash > Tools > Currencies
  • 390834 Scheduled transactions: “Enter next transaction” should be available in ledger
  • 390873 Dollar symbol appears after amount
  • 390967 Quantity in Investments view should be right-justified
  • 391048 Pre-Fill dialog missing
  • 391249 Show tip of the day
  • 391453 Displaying the ledger without an account having been selected displays a closed account
  • 391733 Startup WM Class is wrong
  • 391770 CSV importer ignores last line if not followed by a newline
  • 391773 Context does not change to ledger view from the find transaction dialog
  • 390178 After completing reconcile, Statement/Cleared/Balance show reconcile amounts, not account amounts
  • 390406 Switching from Investments page to Ledgers always shows same stale closed account ledger
  • 390593 Clearing ledger search box doesn’t return to the previous position
  • 390249 Ctrl+Shift+Space shortcut no longer available
  • 390467 Save as defaults to encrypted with no way to not encrypt
  • 391961 Home page Net Worth Forecast Y axis starts at 0

Besides fixing bugs, the development team made some small improvements as well:

  • Remove old locolor icons
  • Install local icons in the local datadir
  • Fix icon presentation of our own icons
  • Fix build with QtWebEngine
  • Enable investment actions when appropriate
  • Ledger search box now supports the account hierarchy character “:”
  • Enable calculator tool button
  • Allow CSV importer to deal with Feb 30th

For a full list of the changes please check out the changelog. It is highly recommended to upgrade to 5.0.1.

The KMyMoney Development Team

KMyMoney 5.0.1 released