It’s time for me to get ready for the trip to Randa, CH to meet some fellow KDE developers at the annual Randa Meetings. The train tickets have been bought a while back, the swiss power adapter together with an extra extension cord providing multiple Schuko outlets is packed and clothes for almost all weather conditions – we expect some freezing nights up in Randa next week – can be found in my luggage and I am ready to do some development on KMyMoney.

The Randa Meetings are organized by a team of volunteers which take care of accommodation and supplies for the crowd of participants. The whole event produces a wealth of cost positions that need to be covered. Therefor, we kindly ask all those folks that benefit from our voluntary work to support the event by sponsoring it. Each little donation helps and is very much appreciated since we still have some way to go to reach the final goal.

Now I am anxious as to how the trip will work out due to the railroad damage between Rastatt and Baden-Baden. Since the track is not usable, a switch from the ICE fast train to a bus transfer is required on my way to Switzerland. What a nice preparation for the slowest fast train on the final leg of my trip.

Randa 2017 – getting ready