Just in time for the upcoming Christmas Holidays, the KMyMoney development team today announces the immediate availability of version 5.1.1 of its open source Personal Finance Manager.

This is a maintenance release as part of the ongoing effort to support our users and fix bugs and annoyances. If you think you can support the project with some code changes or your artistic or writing talent, please take a look at the some low hanging fruits at the KMyMoney junior job list. Any contribution is welcome.

Despite the ongoing permanent testing we understand that some bugs may have slipped past our best efforts. If you find one of them, please forgive us, and be sure to report it, either to the mailing list or on bugs.kde.org.

The details


  • 426406 Minus sign is missing for negative numbers
  • 427519 Merge of Payees Deletes all Payees when an error occurs


  • 405204 New account details window is not sized correctly
  • 419275 QIF Im-/Exporter do not have default profile in dropdown after initial installation
  • 420016 Spelling mistakes in German “Ausgabe” categories
  • 421915 Can’t reposition the currency symbol
  • 423259 Faulty icons display
  • 423509 kmymoney : decimal separator not supported anymore
  • 423870 Report ‘Transactions by Category’ converts all records to base currency even if this option is not selected
  • 424098 Closed Accounts not hidden on Home view
  • 424188 Account names only display partially on Home View
  • 424302 Dates in “All dates” reports title not displayed
  • 424305 Reload home page failed
  • 424321 “Find transaction” does not respect filter
  • 424344 Accounts combobox in export wizard
  • 424424 Budget plugin and date format
  • 424511 Loan will not calculate and does
  • 424674 Transaction report is missing splits in certain circumstances
  • 424745 The word “Principal” is mispelled as “Principle” in KMyMoney’s categories
  • 425280 KMM adds an extra “/” to the institution url
  • 425530 KMyMoney Missing currency – Zambia Kwacha (ZMW)
  • 425533 Price information to old currencies not added when adding successor
  • 425934 Cannot rename new currency
  • 425935 No way of changing smallest cash/money unit size
  • 426151 Remove not implemented settings option “Insert transaction type into No. field for new transactions”
  • 426217 “New Institution” edits instead of creating institution
  • 426243 Chip-TAN widget is not completely visible
  • 428164 Adding new category from menu bar
  • 428776 Do not expose KCMs in application launchers
  • 429237 xea2kmt fails to parse gnucash templates
  • 429436 Calculator button not working for individual budget fields
  • 429489 Make Searching Categories case insensitive
  • 429491 Newly created institution is not displayed in institutions view
  • 430178 App freezes when toggling currency in investment performance report
  • 430409 Can’t cancel Schedule Details dialog presented on startup


  • 424378 Values of date picker runs out of control for scheduled payments and transactions
  • 428434 Column not deleted on update of a forecast with different cycle duration


  • 429229 Import opening balance flag from gnucash templates

A complete description of all changes can be found in the changelog.

KMyMoney 5.1.1 released