The KMyMoney development team is proud to present version 5.0.3 of its open source Personal Finance Manager.

Some problems have been reported by many of you and the development team worked hard to fix them in the meantime. The result of this effort is the new KMyMoney 5.0.3 release.

Despite even more testing we understand that some bugs may have slipped past our best efforts. If you find one of them, please forgive us, and be sure to report it, either to the mailing list or on

From here, we will continue to fix reported bugs, and working to add many requested additions and enhancements, as well as further improving performance.

Please feel free to visit our overview page of the CI builds at

The details

Here is the list of the bugs which have been fixed. A list of all changes between v5.0.2 and v5.0.3 can be found in the ChangeLog.

  • 403068 Storing and loading customized information reports in XML is totally broken
  • 347685 Transaction contains erroneous *** UNASSIGNED *** in Tags view if no payee is given
  • 392684 Unable to remove Payee from transactions
  • 396831 5.0 Version – Crashes when importing OFX/QFX File Using Firefox
  • 397467 Closed accounts are removed from a historical report each time the report is changed
  • 398919 Display schedule transactions with planned post date
  • 399260 title of report is truncated in graph view
  • 400628 Error Attempting Backup to Samba share – Windows 10
  • 400820 KMyMoney crashed when clicking on Forecast>Chart
  • 401080 Cumbersome opening of multiple reports
  • 401144 Price in exponential format is not interpreted correctly
  • 401448 Windows build is broken – ‘_isinf’: identifier not found
  • 402101 Allow to reuse check numbers
  • 402120 “Pay to” field gets auto filled from previous transaction even if cleared manually
  • 402195 CSV importer: Opposite signs option not read from banking profile
  • 402200 EnterSchedule dialog too narrow
  • 402302 Saving confirmation asked even for unfilled operation
  • 402501 Check/transaction number not imported via CSV plugin
  • 402534 DB password doesn’t apply while trying to save
  • 402547 Unable to save data to database in presence of online jobs
  • 402694 in remove shares transaction field tab order sticks in number of shares field
  • 402699 Unknown account id mymoneystoreagemgr.cpp:142
  • 402708 Division by zero errors in investement reports
  • 402750 Rounding problems with stock split factor cause crashes and errors
  • 402783 Transaction editor is not reset
  • 402794 Automatic category assignment does not respect tax assignment
  • 402814 Initial state of “View/Show all accounts” is not correct
  • 403039 The Interest pull down field missing when trying to enter income transaction in Investment ledger
  • 403156 Cmake fails on Fedora 28 looking for LibAlkimia and Qt4 Core and DBus
  • 403529 assigned TAG isn’t shown up in scheduled transaction configuration
  • 403565 Crash when importing qif
  • 403608 SaveAs defaults to “wrong” file path
  • 403617 The currency New Kwanza Angolano has been replaced

Here is the list of the enhancements which have been added:

  • 398133 Allow saving investment transaction without brokerage account if net amount is zero
  • 402316 Add action to create new transaction from any view
KMyMoney 5.0.3 released