The KMyMoney development team is proud to present version 5.0.2 of its open source Personal Finance Manager.

Although several members of the development team had been using version 5.0.1 in production for some time, a number of bugs and regressions slipped through testing, mainly in areas and features not used by them.

These have been reported by many of you and the development team worked hard to fix them in the meantime. The result of this effort is the new KMyMoney 5.0.2 release.

Despite even more extensive testing than usual, we understand that some bugs may have slipped past our best efforts. If you find one of them, please forgive us, and be sure to report it, either to the mailing list or on

From here, we will continue to fix reported bugs, and working to add many requested additions and enhancements, as well as further improving performance.


Many thanks go out to KDE’s sysadmin team. Ben in particular supported us with numerous hours to get daily builds onto the KDE CI system. This even includes MS-Windows installers. Please feel free to visit our overview page of the CI builds at

Thanks also to those users who provided valuable support by sending in test files saved by earlier versions as far back as KMyMoney 4.6.6. Using these files we were able to fix some upgrade problems.

The details

Here is the list of the bugs which have been fixed:

  • 283784 when using the ‘amount entry widget’ in the ledger view, it hangs off the screen
  • 340244 Update the documentation screenshots
  • 340902 Saving anonymous file loses relation between investment accounts and brokerage accounts
  • 343878 investment account does not have key value pair for lastImportedTransactionDate
  • 344409 User is asked to create a new category in splits table if change is aborted
  • 368190 “Update Stock and Currency Prices” doesn’t work when base currency is South Korean Won(KRW)
  • 385180 investactivities.cpp: 8 * Redundant condition
  • 390750 Entering fees in Investment account (ie broker fee) doesn’t appear with transaction
  • 391251 Double free or corruption when creating a new asset account.
  • 392110 Missing 2 .h files in /usr/include/kmymoney
  • 392372 5.0.1 is shown as 5.0.0 in splash screen and about dialog
  • 392407 Home page Net Worth Forecast Not correct
  • 392477 Cannot create new investment
  • 392519 Reports Configure dialog uses a “Find” button instead of an “Apply” button.
  • 392603 OFX – Mapping Account – Last Update Change causing Update Account greying – Online Settings disappears
  • 392735 Crash on viewing or trying to add data into any account
  • 393168 [Patch] Fix working week in 5.x/master
  • 393752 Budgeted vs. Actual report: Budgeted values broken if ticks selected to Bi-Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly
  • 394384 MySQL connection error with dbname “KMyMoney”
  • 394394 problems adding securities to investment accounts
  • 395025 csv writer generates invalid file in case field delimiter is used in any field
  • 395040 CSV Export of Investment Accounts does not issue transactions on non-English kmymoney installations
  • 395100 Last selected view
  • 395291 KMyMoney gitt head master, crash on opening any account
  • 395459 Ledger Input: Category Field
  • 395985 QIF Export manually typing file path adds .qif after every character
  • 396174 Cannot create new investment
  • 396405 Last digit of date field is obscured by “details column” in ledger view
  • 396759 CSV: ordering of buttons when finishing wizard
  • 396886 Online Banking Behavior Change Since 4.8
  • 396987 Payee “Suggest a category” does not work
  • 397020 Opening dates in “all dates” plot
  • 397021 Net worth does not appear
  • 397023 Default color of imported transaction in the ledger
  • 397025 Kmymoney version in help menu, splash screen and apt are different
  • 397436 Net worth forecast graph in new file shows formatting problem
  • 397457 double clicking in ledger activates edit, but does not select transaction clicked on
  • 397675 cannot connect to kmysql database because of prepended slash
  • 97824 Limit in number of securities
  • 398168 √©cran d’accueil
  • 398394 Account information report crashes
  • 398409 KMyMoney does not prompt for password when connecting to database
  • 399244 KMyMoney does not work properly when changing from one file to another
  • 399309 “show balance chart” does not show 3 months forecast in the future anymore
  • 399378 Unable to Update Prices
  • 399673 importer file selector does not show QIF files and does not remember last import directory

Here are some of the new improvements found in this release:

  • 396797 Online web source “KMyMoney Currency” does not support price pairs without decimal
  • Speedup loading of home page
  • KDE binary factory builds for MS-Windows installer
  • Add color coding of pos/neg amounts for ‘posted value’ column
  • Fix online credit transfer creation
  • Some features have been moved to plugins so that they can be turned off if unused
  • Provide correct version information for all shared object files
  • Improved handling of “Save as…” logic
  • Allow to add a timezone offset for OFX import on account basis
  • Moved GPG key handling to XML plugin
  • Accounts can now take a URL for direct access of the online banking web-site
  • Support more than one online banking provider during update
  • Added option to keep linebreaks in memo of AqBanking transaction imports
  • Remove reference to online balance when unmapping account
  • Added feature to make DB password visible during input

For a full list of the changes please check out the changelog. We highly recommend upgrading to 5.0.2.

The KMyMoney Development Team

KMyMoney 5.0.2 released